Happy Friendship Day 2017


Happy Friendship Day 2017 “A very famous phrase “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, means someone who helps you when you are in need is a true friend. There are some things in this world that words cannot describe to perfection, friendship is one of them. The first Sunday of August every year is celebrated as friendship day. This day is dedicated to honoring the bond of friendship. The basic idea behind the occasion is to express and cherish the love of friendship. It is a day when people meet their friends and spend some happy moment by giving friendship band and greetings. Today, Friendship day is celebrated around the globe as international friendship day. This year Happy friendship day date will fall on 06 August 2017.



The tradition of celebrating friendship day was started by US Congress in 1935. They decided to observe the first Sunday of the month of August as friendship day. The main aim was to dedicate a day for friendship. The idea of honoring the bond of friendship caught on people especially the teenagers.People shrare happy friendship day images 2017 The craze of friendship in the youth made the festival popular all over the world.

International Friendship Day

The international friendship day, also known as World friendship day is celebrated in United Nation. The main aim of international friendship day is to promote peace and mutual understanding in different cultures. International friendship day is a symbol of friendship between people of different communities and countries. In United Nations, it is officially observed on 30th July of every year.

However, some countries like India celebrate friendship day on first Sunday of August.Friends receive greeting cards with happy friendship day images.

How is it celebrated?

Although, we don’t need a day to show our love to our friends. Friendship day serves a reminder to honor the wonderful bond of our friendship. People especially youngsters celebrate this day with very high enthusiasm.

Earlier people use to send greeting cards or gifts as a token of love for friendship to their friends. Now it’s the era of technology people send friendship messages or quotes to their friends.

Giving friendship bands to our friends is a new trend in the youth. Mostly teenagers give band or bracelets to each other. In some countries like India, the craze of friendship bands is very high.

Some people celebrate this day by spending time with their pals. They play games and create good memories.

An Inspiring story of friendship

Once upon a time, there was a deer, A crow and a mouse who were great friends. One day the deer went out to graze. He was caught in a hunter net so the evening the deer did not return to his friends. The other friends started getting worried.

The mouse asked the crow to fly over the jungle and find where their deer is.

The crow flew away to find his friend. When he came back he told the mouse that our friend is in the hunter’s net.

What shall we do now? said the mouse.

The Crow asked the mouse to sit on his back and he will take the mouse to the deer. After that mouse will bite through the net and set the deer free.

The mouse agreed with crow.

Crow took the mouse with him and brought him to the deer.

The mouse bite through the net. The deer got free from the net. All three friends were together and happy again.

Moral of the story: We must indeed all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.